Our firm is passionate about the professional training of its students and about ensuring to provide them with as comprehensive an articling period as possible, in a work environment which nurtures their development, both personally and professionally. Each year, two six-month articling periods are offered, the first beginning in May and the second in November.

The student who works with our firm will, throughout the articling period, have the opportunity of experiencing the various areas of law in which our lawyers operate. The student is an important part of our team and this is why he/she will be asked to contribute to many files.

Furthermore, the student will be called upon to undertake research, draft memoranda, letters, proceedings and contracts, to incorporate and organise companies and non-profit corporations, under the supervision of a lawyer. The student also ensures the procedural matters before judicial and administrative forums, and may be required to make representations before the courts.

The student may also be required to participate in interviews and in hearings brought by our lawyers.

If you would like to be a part of a dynamic, seasoned and talented team, your place is here.

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No articling position is open for the moment.

To submit your candidature, please send us your curriculum vitae, your presentation letter together with your official transcript, by following the link below:

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