A Long Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1958, Gagné Letarte is a general practice law firm established in Quebec City. Our principal goal is the protection of our clients’ interests through finding efficient and daring solutions, based on listening to our clients, understanding their needs and building a unique relationship with them.

Our Values

Confidence, respect, determination. At Gagné Letarte, we have long understood that that which binds the lawyer and the client, which allows them to succeed together, are, first and foremost, common human values. On a daily basis, our values can be found in the particular attention which we show to people, be they clients, members of our team or partners. In all situations, we never lose sight of the human considerations of every aspect of business and the real goals of our client.

A member of the LEGUS network

Thanks to our affiliation with LEGUS, a network of law firms active throughout the world, we can help you develop your business and protect your interests internationally.